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What We Do

Main focus of our business is on design, manufacture and supply of both "Clean-in-Place" and "non-Clean-in-Place" type separation/filtration equipment & system. There are a countless number of websites you find on this and you must be wondering by now what's new with us. We do things differently with the sole aim that every one of our customers should get the maximum value from our products without compromising on quality.

To serve the above objective, our manufacturing process is subject to strict third party inspection, to achieve consistent quality our products are made to in-house quality assurance plan and finally with our computerized product monitoring system for timely delivery you never need to follow up.

Not only we supply the latest filtration/separation equipment and systems we help our customers select suitable associate systems and accessories (there is no dearth of cases where good product fails due to improper selection/poor performance of associated equipment), provide installation supervision, commissioning assistance and trouble shooting (if ever any occasion comes).

With our fully established setup, we can offer detail engineering services for new process plants / revamping of existing ones, work on new product development to meet your specific requirement, troubleshooting etc.

To sum up, we

  • Design, manufacture, supply of separation/filtration equipment and system.

  • Provide assistance in installation, commissioning of our systems.

  • Design, manufacture & supply of efficient catalyst recovery system.

  • Review and upgrading of your existing filtration/ separation system.

  • Carry out detail engineering for new process plant installations.

  • Sourcing of imported separation / filtration equipment, system & components.


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