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(10 microns and above)

Clearsep Technologies has immense experience, more than a decade, in offering Eco-friendly Filtration equipment and systems for paints (both water based / solvent based ) / emulsions / pigments / colourants etc.

Main features of these Eco-friendly filtration equipment are,

  • a) Clean-In-Place Filtration, No need to open the filter for cleaning
  • b) No need to replace the filter element, normally
  • c) Permanent filter elements, all metallic media, welded wedge wire type
  • d) Consistent and reliable filtration through out the operating pressure range
  • e) Custom designed Eco-friendly Paint filtration skids with pre-filters.

What are the advantages with Clearsep Eco-friendly Paint Filtration skids ?

  • a) No loss of paints (happens if use & throw cartridges are used)
  • b) No spillage of paints (because no need to open the filter for cleaning)
  • c) No dirty surroundings (no wastage of water for cleaning)
  • d) No disposable issues (unlike use & throw type cartridges which are to be disposed)
  • e) No intermittent stopping (for changing cartridges) of operation, continuous filtration
  • f) No operator exposure to paints (closed equipment)
What are the types of Clearsep Eco-friendly Filters for paint / pigment filtration?
a) Self-cleaning filters - Piston Operated b) Self-cleaning filters- Motor Driven

Application range: Viscosity upto 50000 Cp, operating pressure upto 30 bar, filtration down to 10 micron, flow rate 50 Tons per hour.

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