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WELDED WEDGE WIRE products / components are the most reliable, long lasting & maintenance free media widely used for separation / retention / filtration application in chemical process industries. These welded wedge wire products can replace conventional media like wiremesh cloth/ punched plates / perforated plates/ non-metallic filter cloth etc.

Construction: Welded wedge wire construction involves two parts.

a) Profile wire - wedge shaped
b) Support rod
The profile wire and the support rod are fused into one metal at every intersection of the profile wire and the support rod. See the diagram below.

The above diagram illustrates why welded wedge wire components are rigid and strong and thereby maintains extremely reliable slot opening all the time.

Basic features of Welded wedge wire components / products:

a) They are non-clogging

b) Self-supported and rigid

c) Very long life

d) Reliable and consistent filtration rating

e) All metallic construction (non-metallic also possible like PP)

f) Easy to clean smooth filtering surface

Some standard construction styles:
a) Radial External - FOTI b) Axial Internal (without weld seam) -FITO
c) Axial Internal (reverse rolled - with weldseam) - FITO
d) Radial Internal (reverse rolled - with
weld seam) - FITO
e) Radial Internal - special construction
(support rods inside) - FITO

(Arrows indicate the direction of flow)
FITO : Filtration Inside To Outside

FOTI : Filtration Outside To Inside
What are the popular welded wedge wire components / products?

Welded wedge wire products are available in various shapes & sizes made suitable for variety of applications. However some standard products are,

a) Candles / Tubes / Pipes
b) Conical Tubes & Conical baskets
c) Tubes / pipes with varying slot opening
e) Curved bends / DSM Screens / Sieve bends - tilted wire type
f) Nozzles / Resin traps / Spargers
g) High flow Welded Wedge Wire strainers (patented by UNISLOT N.V. Belgium)
h) Under drain laterals / Headers etc.
All the finished welded wedge wire products manufactured by Clearsep Technologies are made using basic wedge wire screens of UNISLOT N.V. Belgium. Click here to see some of their great products.

Also, Clearsep Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd., are the exclusive marketing agents of UNISLOT N.V. Belgium for the Wedge wire screens manufactured by them for the region covering Asian subcontinent & Middle East countries. For all your requirements and additional information on welded wedge wire screens please mail us today at

To know the feature to feature comparison between welded wedge wire construction & wiremesh construction mail us now at


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